Best headphone with mic in India

Finding a best headphone with mic in india is becoming a requirement in this digital era. But before buying a headphone you have to spend many hours in it’s review and research. In this list we have selected best headphone with mic to save your time. The list is prepared considering all the key features like sound quality, battery backup, mic quality, connectivity  and durability. The buying guide will help you to take a informative decision.  

1.Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Ii Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones With Mic And Alexa Voice Control (Black)

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Ii Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones With Mic And Alexa Voice Control (Black)

Key Features : -

Bose quiet comfort 35 li headphone is one of the best headphone with mic available in India. It’s Sound is Loud and Clear with soft bass and balanced sound. The company has performed very well in providing sound quality. The active noise cancellation is very effective in providing a impressive sound. The Build Quality of this headphone is really awesome.

This premium headphone comes with wireless and wired headphones. It comes with 2.5 to 3.5 jack cable provided in the box. ANC will work in wired mode of the headphone just turn your headphone on as usual and use it in wired mode. The average battery life of this headphone is 20 hrs which is really amazing. The sound quality in wired and wireless mode is similar the difference is not noticeable. The headphone is very comfortable for long hours and don’t give much pain to your ear. Over all this is a best buy product.


2.Sony Wh-1000Xm4 Industry Leading Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Mic for Phone Calls, 30 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Aux, Touch Control and Voice Control (Black)

Key Features : -

This is the another best headphone made by Sony. The sound quality is excellent and bass is super powerful. The headphones will fit on your ears very well and covers it perfectly to give you good noise cancellation. If you are looking for a headphone having noise cancelation at its best, then don’t look elsewhere and buy this headphone. If you are buying a premium headphone then comfort is one of the most important aspect and this headphone will not let you down.

This headphone is very comfortable for 5-6 hrs continue use due to It’s soft padding. The headphone is light weight and easy to carry. The Bluetooth range is really excellent. The battery backup of this headphone is 30 hours which is amazing. If you own this headphone then you need not to think about charging due to it’s long battery backup. 


3.Sony WH-XB910N Extra BASS Noise Cancellation Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear Headset with Mic, Alexa Voice Control, Google Fast Pair, AUX & Swift Pair, 30Hrs Battery Life (2022 Model)-Black

Key Features : -

Best Sound quality is the identity of Sony headphones. This headphone has plenty of bass but special thing is Sony’s EQ can Adapt! That means you can change the Sound Aspects as per your requirement from the Application. If you like less base you can change that through EQ. The active Noise Cancellation feature is Another level. When you play music, you will not hear anything from outside world. Battery backup is really good. It comes with C type USB charger. Fast charging is good you will get 5 hours play time just after 10 min of charging.

Touch control is placed to right earcup which is really awesome. Through this control you can change music, answer a call and control voice. It’s multipoint connection feature allow you to connect It with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So when a call comes then your headphones know which device is ringing and connect to the right one automatically. User replaceable ear cup cushions are simply fabulous. This Headphones have an array of microphones but when when we call someone they will hear all Background Noise. I used it for some VOIP calls, It is usable but built in Microphones on your phone will do a much better job.


4.Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Mic for Clear Calls & Alexa Enabled and Touch Control, (Black)

Key Features : -

Bose has done a excellent job in making this headphone. The sound quality is just amazing with superb bass it is so realistic and detailed it can be noticed while watching movies. The sound is well balanced in highs, mids and lows. Bose 700 wireless headphone is made of stainless steel with soft cushioned earcup. You didn’t got any pain in your ears but it will get bit warm while using for some hours. Battery playtime is not very impressive at this price point but quick charging help you to get long play time. Its definitely a great product for music lover but the price is the biggest concern of this product. If you get this product under 30000₹ then this can be a good buy for you.


5.Jbl Tune 760Nc Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Mic, Up to 50 Hours Playtime, Jbl Pure Bass, Dual Pairing, Aux & Voice Assistant Support for Mobile Phones (Black)

Key Features : -

JBL Tune 760NC wireless headset has active noise cancellation feature which controls outer device and don’t disturb your music experience. JBL has worked very well in providing superb sound quality with rich bass.
You can use this headphone wirelessly for up to 35 hours with Active Noise Cancellation and up to 50 hours without ANC or enjoy endlessly in wired mode using the detachable AUX cable provided. It’s battery recharges completely within 2 hours of charging.

JBL Tune 760NC are immediately connected to your Android device due to Fast Pair enabled by Google. Dual Pairing feature gives freedom to effortlessly switch from one Bluetooth device to another. You can simply switch yourself from watching video on your tablet to a call on your mobile phone so that you’ll never miss a call. Easy control gives freedom to control your music, manage your calls and trigger voice assistants from your headset with the buttons on your earcup. The headphone is comes lightweight and compact foldable design which makes these headphones always ready to travel everywhere you go.

Buying Guide

Finding a best headphone with mic is not a easy task due to multiple variety. As you are buying a premium headphone, there is no place of compromise. So consider above listed if you are in hurry!

But if want to do your own research than check the features listed below. This buying guide will help you to take a informative decission.

When you are buying a pair of headphones, it is most important to consider the sound quality of that headphone. If the sound quality is not justified with price then there is no point of buying that product. You need a product which delivers crisp and clear audio with high volume. All the above listed headphones are selected considering this important feature. 

If you want to have a beautiful music listening experience, then your headphones should have active noise cancellation features. This feature cuts external noise about 90% and isolate you from disturbing noise. All the above listed headphones are selected considering this important feature. These headphones are amazing in noise cancellation. 

When it comes to buy a headphone it’s connectivity is very import. There are two type of connectivity option available wired and wireless but there is third option too. In this you will get a wireless headphone with  detachable cable to wired it if headphones battery is discharged.

As you are going to use headphones for long hours. it’s very important to buy a pair with good cushion quality to get comfort. A good quality headphone will not hurt your ears. So, you can enjoy your favorite music for long time. The headphones should be foldable, so you can easily carry your loved one pair while traveling.

A headphone with a built-in microphone will give you a hands-free calling experience. It’s is the best option if you don’t like to take your phone out of your pocket or don’t want to hold the phone when you are answering a call. Most of the headphones have microphones and control modules on their wire or built into the headphones itself. The control module will allow you to answer calls, control your music list or voice assistance.

If you don’t want to ruin your music experience, then consider it’s battery performance when you’re buying new wireless headphones. Some wireless headphones will perform only few hours or less, so you will have to recharge them more often. On the other hand some headphones have long battery life.


A microphone is essential now for all your online activity. This helps you to establish two way communication. All of these headphones are available with mic, so these can we used to make calls, gaming, attend virtual meeting, and online classes . 

Boss Quit Comfort 35 li is the best headphone you can buy under 1500 in India.

At this price point there is no place of compromise. All the headphones listed above are superb in noise cancellation feature. 

All of these headphones are available with mic, so these can we used to make calls. 

20Hz-20KHz is the range of humans in normal condition not if not exceptionally good. This is the ideal range covering almost all of the population. So, the headphones are manufactured according to this range only.

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